• Students are required to maintain good conduct and discipline. Violation of College rules and regulations makes a student liable for disciplinary action.
  • Internal discipline is maintained by the Proctorial Board.
  • Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  • Admission of candidate will stand cancelled if she fails to attend classes within the first ten days from the date of the beginning of the classes.
  • Students are required to attend classes regularly.
  • As per the University rules, a student must have a minimum of 75% attendance in each class.

  • In case of absence, students are required to submit an application, duly signed by parent/guardian. In case of absence owing to illness, students are required to submit an application duly signed by parent/guardian along with a medical certificate.
  • Day scholars can leave the College campus only after 12.05 p.m.
    Day scholars who have to leave College campus in case of emergency before 12.00 noon can do so only by obtaining permission in writing from the Principal / Proctors. The students are required to get a letter from their parent/guardian for the same.
  • Students are not permitted to relax in the College Lounge and Portico. They may use the spacious grounds behind the auditorium for relaxation.
  • No furniture is to be removed from the classrooms and auditorium. Plucking of flowers and fruits is prohibited.
  • Silence is to be maintained in the verandahs during class hours.
  • Students are not permitted to receive visitors during class hours.
  • Spiritual and Value Education classes are compulsory.
  • Examination Forms should be filled on the days specified on the College Notice Board.
  • Registration formalities need to be completed within the days specified on the Notice Board.
  • Ragging is a legal offence