Arbour Day Arbour day is observed in recognition of the importance of trees to us as a nation and of what they yield in adornment, comfort and useful products for the community in which we live. A service of praise and thanksgiving is held. Maalis of the campus are recognized and honoured for their hard work done throughout the year by. Their contribution in maintaining the campus greenery is appreciated and applauded. Old pots are cleaned and repainted with the help of N.S.S. & N.C.C. student wing of the college. After the service, each class plants trees and shrubs to beautify our campus and enrich our environment. On this occasion all are required to dress in GREEN.

The College is also home to a number of rare plants, notable among them being the:

Kalpvraksh/Parijat–  Adansonia digitata(Bombacaceae),
Sisham– Dalbergia sissoo (Papilionaceae),
Teak– Tectina grandis (Verbenaceae) and
Magnolia-Magnolia gracdiflora (Magnoliaceae).