Director’s Message

Maam Charles

Every women who comes to Isabella Thoburn College brings with her, her unique talents, creative skills and abilities.

It is these talents, skills and abilities we foster and hone and she knowingly and unknowingly leaves behind her imprint on the character of the College.

The relationship between the College and the students is a dynamic and vibrant one which leaves behind an indelible mark on each other’s life. A relationship we value and treasure.

2017 is a historical year in the journey of Isabella Thoburn College Society. This year has given birth to a Professional College for Business studies offering an MBA program of 4 Semesters i.e. 2 years duration. This program is special as it offers women an opportunity to learn in an all women environment.

Isabella Thoburn College for Professional Studies invites you to great connections and a future that knows no boundaries. You offer us your abilities and skills and we offer you our mission.

Dr.(Mrs.) E.S.Charles
Isabella Thoburn College,
(Professional Studies)