Social Accountability

Discover Your self As You Educate Your Heart And Your Mind

The Institute for Active and Continued Learning organised a five-day summer workshop on Social Accountability from 2nd to 7th June, 2014. The purpose of this workshop was to touch the participants mind, heart and soul so that their perception towards the life and their surroundings changes for the betterment of the society. Students and teachers of Isabella Thoburn College participated actively in the workshop.

The topics that were discussed during the workshop play a very important role in the daily life. The workshop had presentations, interactive sessions, outreach programs, games and activities which brought the thoughts and views of the participants on the same platform.

The aim and purpose of the workshop was to understand what women can do to bring a change in the society.  The topics of discussion were: Women and Economics, Women and Law, Recognising Gender Issues, Women and Environment, Culture of Silence, Health and Sanitation, etc.

Thus, the workshop was a learning and informative experience where students discovered themselves as leaders of change and accountability.


Understanding Change

Change is an everlasting thing. It’s a transformation and natural part of life cycle. Thus, to understand what change is and what it means to the present generation of the society, Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning planned a few interactive discussions with the young generation between the age group of 18 to 21 years. This conversation took place during the month of August 2014.

The program was designed in such a way so that the participants learn and discover themselves to be the change makers of the society.

The aim and purpose of the workshop was very clear that each and every participant will think about the change she needs to bring in the society and how it is possible. The workshop was all about understanding the insight of the participant and making them realize that they are the change-makers and future of the society.

A Guiding Step for Youngsters

Expressing yourself is very important but making oneself look presentable and smart is also very important. Everyone who surrounds you always keeps looking at you; figuring out how you behave and act. And to guide the youngsters on this track Isabella Thoburn College Institute of Active and Continued Learning conducted a workshop on self-grooming. The workshop took place on 24th September, 2014.

In this exercise, the participants not just gained information about the table manners but also they acquired knowledge about various styles of napkin folding. The hostellers and wardens of Isabella Thoburn College took part in this activity.

The main motive to organize the workshop was to make the young generation smoother so that they stand out from others when it comes to manners and decorum. The workshop was a success as participants understood numerous things. The impact of the workshop was that the participants became keener to learn many other activities like this.


Women & Their Stories

To change someone’s mind set or thinking, we first have to sensitize ourselves and others to the situation. Then, after the sensitization, one will always have a realization of what he/she is saying or doing and after this only, one will take an action. To sensitize the young women, Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning organized a workshop on “Women and Their Stories” The workshop took place on 1st August, 2015. A good number of students participated in the workshop.  Every woman who participated in the workshop had a story to share. A story that inspired us motivated us and broadened our perspective.

The students were divided into groups of 10. During the group interaction, one participant narrated her story whereas the other participant penned the story for her. While sharing their stories, participants started to know each other.

By the end of the group activities, all the participants learnt something new about others as well as about themselves. After the activity was over, a few participants shared their stories with everyone. Some of the stories were motivating, inspiring whereas some left an impact on everyone’s mind.

The purpose of these kinds of workshops is to continue the process of learning which is not through books but through experiences.



Pictures are the best ways to express your feelings and emotions. A picture talks more than 100 words. So, keeping that in mind Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning organizes a 2 day workshop on Portraiture; express your emotions through picture that touched your heart and changed your way of thinking. The workshop was organized on 24th and 25th August, 2015.

Almost each and every one present there, shared her experience with us. Participants brought pictures that were close to their hearts. One of the students shared a picture of a grandfather and grandson where grandson is mentally not well and his parents have disowned him but the grandfather is taking care of his grandson leaving his family. This is how a bonding is between grandfather and grandson that every other relationship fades away. Activities like these helps a person to recognize and realize what is going on around her /his surroundings and what is her/his responsibility towards the society as each and every one is a part of the society.


Women & Law

Law is one of the pillars of our country. We have laws and acts for everything but are women also in that privileged lot who can say that the laws that our country has is beneficial to them also. Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning organized a five – day seminar with Ms. Anujiya Krishna (LLM) from 5th – 9th October, 2015.

The purpose of the seminar was to bring awareness among the girls. It’s very important for every girl or woman to have proper knowledge about her rights, how and when to use them so that they are not misled or misguided by others.

Such an informational seminar is always an incentive for the students as one acquires knowledge about various things that one doesn’t come across in day to day routine life. After the seminar was over, every participant learnt something new that she didn’t know from before.


The Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning in collaboration with CII joined in walkathon on the cause of food and health safety.

It was a memorable walk as students not just from Isabella Thoburn College but also from other schools and colleges participated in the walkathon.


Social Accountability

The Third Eye

The Institute for Active and Continued Learning organised a workshop from 11th February to 17th February, 2015 on Social Accountability – ‘The Third Eye’. Students and teachers from Japan and Isabella Thoburn College actively participated in it. It was a one week long workshop where presentations, activities and interactive sessions took place.

Everyone was totally involved in the workshop. It was a very good experience as two cultures and traditions came together for a purpose. The purpose was to change one’s perception and be more accountable towards the society.

Each and every one interacted with each other and shared their thoughts and views. Various activities like Street Play, JAM Session, and outreach programs brought the two cultures even more closely and the bond became strong.

Thus, the aim to bridge the gap between individuals became successful. At the end of the whole program each and every participant discovered something within them and also learnt about their co-participants.


Certificate course of Animation, Graphics and Software Development

The Isabella Thoburn College Institute for Active and Continued Learning is now having a certificate course on Animation, Graphics and Software Development. It is a course in which students will be trained in the above mentioned topics and will enhance their computer and technical skills and provide them with better opportunities in the future.  The first batch of 30 students has commenced from 8th August, 2016.