Highlights of the Program

  • First day 11/1 (Thursday)
  • Second day 11/2 (Friday)
  • Third day 11/3 (Saturday)
  • Fourth days 11/4 (Sunday)
  • Fourth days Optional Tour to Taj Mahal (Agra)

11/1 (Thursday)

0900-1000 Hr Opening Devotions
1015-1115 Hr General Session & Briefing
  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
Session 1
1100-1300 Hr
Education and Culture:
Contribution of Methodism
Responsible citizenship on Ecological crises Gender: The Unfinished agenda Economy and Education
Chair Rev. Dr. Newton Parmar Mr. Raja McGee Mrs. Basanti Biswas Dr. J.N. Hanchinmani
1. Dr. Ken Yamada
2. Dr. Naveen Rao
1. Dr. Rajeswari Mishra
2. Dr. Alfred J. Lawerence
1. Connie Semy P. Mella
2. Dr. Smita Verma
1. Dr. Murray Scott Gilpin
2. Dr. Murray Scott Gilpin
1300-1400 Hr Lunch
  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
Session 2
1400-1530 Hr
Management of Christian Institutions in a multicultural canvas Technology and Education Peace and poverty Dialogue between cultures.
Crossing Bridges
Chair Rev. P.P. Ahaley Wing. CDR. P. Jethro Dr. Estrella Arnaldol Dr. Akiyo Ueda
1. Dr. Mark Hanshaw
2. Bishop S.C. Mondal
1. Dr. Paul Tsuchido Shew
2. Hirho Park
1. Mr. Suh-Hyun Paik
2. Mrs. Anupama R. Anthony
1. Mrs. Joan Elango
2. Dr. Paul Mathew
3. Dr. Sonika Bhatia
1530-1600 Hr Tea Break
1600 Hr Rehearsal for Academic procession
1800-2000 Hr Inaugural Session
2000 Hr Dinner

11/2 (Friday)

0900- 1000hr  Morning Devotions Philippine
General Session
1000- 1100hr  Plenary Address
Rev. Dr. Thomas Wolfe (IAMSCU,lliff school of theology)
"Transending Boundaries for peace. Making Peace Peacefully"
Chaired by Bishop Emerito Nacoil
1100- 1200hr Q & A session
1200-1300hr Lunch
(Parallel Sessions)
1300- 1430hr Session 1 Session 2
  Methodists as Peace Maker Pluralism and secularism
Chair Bishop A.K Servand Bishop Subodh C. Mondal
1. Dr. Young Min Paik
2. Mr. Raja McGee
1. Bishop Emerito Nacpil
2. Dr. Hina Siddiqui
1430-1500hr Tea
(Parallel Sessions)
1500-1630hr Session 3 Session 4
  Race. Gender and Environment Economy & Technology
Chair Bishop M.A. Daniel Bishop E.D. Yeshurathnam
1. Dr. Florita V. Miranda
2. Dr.(Maj.) Neerja Masih
1. Dr. Amos Nascimento
2. Mr. Rohan Benjamin
1830 – 2030 hr Shopping & President's Dinner

11/3 (Saturday)

0900- 1000hr Morning Devotions
1000- 1100hr  Plenary Address: Rev. Cherian Thomas, Director & CEO, World Vision India.
Chair Dr. Roger Ireson
1100- 1200hr   Q & A session
1200- 1300hr Session 5: The melting Pot: Poverty and health
Chair Dr. Demetrio Henrique G. Soares
1. Rev. Dr. Beauty Maenzanise
2. Dr. Neelam Kumari
3. Dr. Rachna Mishra
1300-1330hr Lunch
1330 hr Onwards City Tour

APAMEI Board of Directors Meeting

1330-1340hr Call to order
1340-1400hr Agenda
1400-1530hr Discussion
1530-1600hr Tea & Adjournment

11/4 (Sunday)

0900hr -1000 hr Morning Devotions
1000hr -1100 hr APAMEI Business session
Reports of the Board of Directors
Secretary/Treasurer Report
Nominations Report
Program Report
Regional Reports/Evaluation
1100-1200hr Closing worship: Bishop Phillips S. Masih
Sermon & Holy Communion
   1200hr Adjournment
Trip to Agra

11/4 (Sunday)

14:00-18:30 Bus Departure from ITC to Agra
18:30-19:30 Arrival to Agra and Hotel Stay

11/5 (Monday)

09:00-12:30 Taj Mahal Tour & Agra City Tour
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-16:30 Bus Departure from Agra to Delhi Airport