Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Isabella Thoburn College from the beginning continues to be, empowerment of women through education of the mind and the heart, an education that will develop skills and abilities and strengthen and enable them to take decisions in adversity. It will give them strength to rise from the ashes and create opportunities, recognize possibilities and rear families with progressive mindsets. We hope they will create a niche for themselves wherever the Lord has placed them, and leave behind foot prints on the sands of time.

The task we have set ourselves was challenging when we began our journey more than a century ago, and remains challenging even today. Even though the Stateand Legislative Reforms and sympathetic Politicshas tried to empower women and create possibilities for women, culture and socialization continues to retard effective progress.

In the present Global scenario, we strive to offer to our students educational avenues that will open vistas of hitherto unexplored progressive career domains and enable them to compete with women from other progressive states.

It is our ambition to offer programs of study in new and innovative fields we seek to enable young women, to achieve their aspirations of exploring new and upcoming market-relevant programs of studies.This is an era of multi-tasking, ambitions and progress. Progressive students involve themselves in taking extra teaching support and preparation courses for competitive examinations which they have to take in order to get placement for higher education in institutions of repute, while the University educational system at its own pace seeks to keep abreast with the competitive world.