Student Forums


The Biotech Society of Isabella Thoburn College (BSITC): Nature was inaugurated on 18th Oct 2016. It’s Patron is Dr. (Mrs.) E.S. Charles, President of Isabella Thoburn College; Co-Patron is Dr. (Mrs) V. Prakash, Principal of Isabella Thoburn College and the Organizing Secretary is Dr. (Maj.) Neerja Masih. It was started with the aim of Translating Education into Social Action. The objectives include:

  • To run awareness programmes regarding environment- for clean and green environment.
  • To involve students in such activities for a cleaner college campus.
  • To build scientific temper amongst students.
  • Extension activity- societal action- extending technology to the rural areas.

Vermicompost pits are managed on the campus and they convert waste material into bio-compost. These pits play the following roles:-  

  • Providing Clean Environment- Clean air, water and soil.
  • Sensitizing students and making them ambassadors for waste management.
  • Utilizing waste products on campus of the college for production of soil conditioner or fertilizer.
  • Controlling pollution by utilizing biological waste-uses worms in addition to microbes and bacteria to turn organic waste into a nutrient-rich biofertilizer.


A brainchild of Principal, faculty and students of Department of Economics, was started in 2003. The objectives of ITCEF are to widen the intellectual horizon of students beyond bookish knowledge by updating them with current affairs and economics issues. We expose the students to outside, competitive environment to prepare them in all the spheres of life.

  • ITCEF has had a tradition of spreading knowledge amongst its peers and taking their awareness to a level beyond their text books. 
  • To widen the horizon of economic awareness of the students by conducting activities related to economic.
  • To enhance the comprehension of economic issues.
  • To increase interaction skills by conducting quizzes, debates and also help them to communicate with students of different colleges and institutions
  • To facilitate interaction of ideas and use between students and eminent personalities. To bring out the talents and make them more goal oriented


  • Guest lectures
  • College debates
  • Paper presentations
  • Group discussions
  • Workshops
  • Simulation games
  • Quiz on economic issues
  • Poster and chart competitions on economic issues
  • Referencing and documentations on important economic affairs
  • Networking with NGO’s and other organisations


Parnassus the literary society of Isabella Thoburn College was initiated in the session 2013-14 in the Department of English. Its objective is to provide the students a forum to engage in literary activities outside the classroom. Parnassus aims to lift up Literature from the pages of books and give it a living entity so that students actually discover that ‘Literature is life’.


 The chemistry department of Isabella Thoburn College has been continuously making efforts for the holistic development of its students. Taking a step ahead in this direction, the inauguration of the Chemical Society of Isabella Thoburn College (CSITC), a body of likeminded faculty and student volunteers of the department of chemistry was held on 9th September 2017.
The main objectives of this society are:-

  • To promote the ever-expanding knowledge in chemical sciences among the aspiring chemists of Isabella Thoburn College in all possible ways.
  • To create an academic environment in the department with the aim of imparting holistic education.
  • To provide opportunities to the students for interaction with prominent academicians and industry experts.
  • To encourage and guide students to qualify various competitive examinations by organizing tutorial classes by our own faculty.
  •  To provide a platform to the students to showcase their scientific temper by organizing various activities like scientoon making, slogan writing, poster presentation etc. for them.
  • To enhance scientific aptitude in the students through educational tours, seminars and workshops.
  • To inculcate the virtue of social responsibility among students by spreading awareness about various environmental issues among general population through programs like nukkad natak etc.
  • To arrange placement drives by inviting chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  •  Organizing internships in the industries for final year students.