For the year 2014 the sports day was organized on 8th December 2014. Though the actual programme was scheduled on Monday 8th December 2014 but the preliminary competition had started from 18th November 2014.The sports events was as follows:

Chess 18th and 19th November 2014
Carrom 18th November 2014
Badminton 22nd November 2014

Javeline 1st December 2014

Shot put 1st December 2014
Discuss 1st December 2014
Basketball 6th December 2014

Throwball 8th December 2014

Tug-o-war 8th December 2014
Group Relay 8th December 2014
100mts Race 8th December 2014

Three leg race 8th December 2014
4*100 mts race 8th December 2014
Sac Race 8th December 2014

Hurdle race8th December 2014

On the final day the programme began with the march past .Just after the march past the flag was hosted and opening speech was given by Dr. (Mrs.) V.Prakash who declared the annual sports day meet open and the oath was taken by the athletic chairperson Ms..Abhilasha Shukla. The second event of the day was Mass Drill performed by the Boarders .The Aerobics was the another fun filed event for the benefit of the students. After this Yoga was presented by the boarders and physical education second year students after which physical education first year students performed the taekwondo drill. There were series of races like 100 mts race, Sac race ,Three leged race, Adventure race, Hurdle race and Group Relay Race. The next segment was the Tug -o- war final match between Nichol’s Senior and Sarojini House and the winner was Nichol’s Senior.After that a Throwball match was held between Nichol’s Senior and Sarojini House and the winner was Nichol’s Senior.There are various games for teachers like the Ball balance race for male and female teachers,Basketball Shooting and throwballfriendly match between degree teachers and intermediate teachers.The function come to an end with the Prize distribution ceremony.Dr. J.Simlai,Dr.R.Massey, Dr.S.N.Shaw are distributed the prize.The Function was closed after lunch which was enjoyed by faculty members.