Research occupies an important place in the institute’s ongoing activities. A few faculty members have been approved as research guides and co-guides. The College has been awarded both major and minor research projects and seminar grants have been awarded by various sponsoring bodies.

Research & Networking Cell

Building research networks is particularly important in the current scenario in search of new research opportunities. The research and networking cell was established in the college with the aim to support and guide the promotion of a research culture in the institution. The intension is to facilitate interactions between researchers and academicians and sharing of research findings and networking from India and abroad in terms of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars and research collaborations etc. The cell has taken an initiative to promote research mentorship to enhance research productivity involving every faculty member. The institution has developed a host of policies to promote research. The policies have been formulated with the objective of setting the direction and standards of research besides assurance of quality and ethics in research processes. To promote exemplary ethical standards in research and scholarship, the institution expects all faculty members to abide by the code of research ethics. Overall the aim of the research and networking cell is to create learner-centric environment and to help the faculty adopt the new participatory teaching and learning process through the wholesome use of technology and knowledge dissemination essential for quality education.

Committee Members:
1. Dr. Alfred Lawrence
2. Dr. Anupama Srivastava
3. Dr. Newton Paul

JOURNAL:“Isabella Thoburn College Economic Review”

The institution through the Post Graduate Department of Economics has been successful in bringing their own academic ISSN approved Journal “Isabella Thoburn College Economic Review” (ISSN No. 2349-5561).