Principal’s Desk

Isabella Thoburn College is run by the Isabella Thoburn Society of the Methodist Church in India and is an Associate College of the University of Lucknow. It was started as a small school on 18th April 1870 by Miss Thoburn, an American Missionary of the Methodist Church whom I quote “No people can rise higher as a people than the point to which they educate their women” Her vision was to educate and empower Indian Women for leadership. The school became a College in 1886 and since the last 128 years generations of missionaries, academicians, administrators and students who have passed through the portals of this great institution have enriched society and the nation.
It is our constant effort to provide a conducive atmosphere and environment not only for academic excellence but also for the development of a high moral and spiritual character. We have a highly qualified and capable Faculty who not only teach, but also counsel and monitor. The programmes and activities are incorporated in campus life in a way so as to help students to be academically qualified, morally upright and socially responsible. Providing a Christian atmosphere and Christian service to society is our aim. We wish not only to educate but to enlighten and empower the young women who enter our portals with expectations and enthusiasm.
I believe that our students will have fruitful and meaningful stay on campus and that they will enrich campus life with their gifts and talents and in turn contribute their best to society and wherever God places them, to fulfill the motto of the College “We Receive to Give.”
Dr.(Mrs.) V. Prakash
Isabella Thoburn College