Patron/President:Dr E.S. Charles

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr Vinita Prakash Principal
2 Dr Anupma Srivastava NAAC, Coordinator
3 Dr Sonika Rajan Coordinator, Criteria I
4 Dr Meenakshi Singh Coordinator, Criteria II
5 Dr A J Lawrence Coordinator, Criteria III
6 Dr Newton Paul Coordinator, Criteria IV
7 Dr Sonika Bhatia Coordinator, Criteria V
8 Ms Neelam Kumari Coordinator, Criteria VI
9 Dr Paul Mathe Coordinator, Criteria VII
10 Dr (Major) Neerja Masih Coordinator, Student Satisfaction Survey
11 Ms Amita Marwha Coordinator, Technical Committee

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12. Minutes of the Meeting of Student Welfare Committee for Grievance Redressal- 2016 View

i. NAAC CERTIFICATE(NAAC/IQAC) Quality Profile,Year:2004 View
ii. NAAC CERTIFICATE(NAAC/IQAC)Quality Profile,Year:2011 View
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