To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we have following program in the month of December.

Introductory Assembly.Introduction of all the day events and activities during the month of December.

Christmas Pageant: The pageant portrayed the birth of Christ. Brings the Christmas alive from the Holy Bible.

White gift session: This event re – affirms the motto of the college “We receive to Give”. The whole college wraps their gift in white paper and places it at the table in the attitude of Cheerful giving.

Karamchari Christmas: This is the time where we share our joy with the family of college karamcharies. Each karamchari is felicitated with gift in appreciation of their selfless dedicated services.

Candle Light Service: The program is held at the Clotilda Mc. Dowell Chapel in the evening. Singing the coming of ‘Christ’ our Redeemer.