Academic Calendar 2017-2018


Reopening of the College

8th July, 2017

Faculty Meeting

8th July, 2017

Faculty Retreat

10th July, 2017

U.G. Registration

11th July, 2017 Onwards

Orientation Assembly

22nd & 23rd July, 2017

Portal Ceremony

24th July, 2017

SGA Investiture

3rd August, 2017

SCM Investiture

11th August, 2017

Independence Day

15th August, 2017

Arbour Day

18th August, 2017

Trimester I

21st August -16th September, 2017

Founder’s Day

31st August, 2017


13th, 14th &15th September, 2017

Trimester II

16th September- 20th October, 2017


12th, 13th &14th October, 2017

Trimester III

16th October -13th November, 2017

Science Fest(Nirantar)

24th& 25th November, 2017

College Day

26th November, 2017

Christmas Pageant

1st December, 2017

Candlelight Service

9th December, 2017

White Gift Service

13th December, 2017

Karamchari Christmas

15th December, 2017

Sports Day

20th December, 2017

Baccalaureate Service & Awards Ceremony

27th January, 2018

Golden Circle

27th January, 2017

Preparation Leave for U.G. Students

19th February, 2018

U.G.Examinations Begin (Lucknow University)

5th March, 2018