Residence Hall

The Resident life at Isabella Thoburn College forms an essential part of the young women’s education at the institution . Hostel life is an excellent opportunity for the development and enrichment of the character and personality of residents.

There are three hostels providing accommodation to the student namely:-

1- Matri Bhawan

2- Naunihal Manzil

3- Nishat Mahal

There are double rooms and triple rooms.

Rules and Regulations

The Resident life at college fosters effective citizenship ,healthy and happy living. Rules and regulations pertaining to hostel discipline need to be observed by every resident student. The ‘Quiet Hours’, Retiring Hours’ have been explicitly laid down to be observed by the students for efficient working and functioning of the hostels suited to a well-disciplined and organized life.

There is a Dean of Resident Students who is ably assisted by Resident Advisors. Each hostel is divided in lower and upper sections each placed under the charge of efficient Resident Advisors to facilitate the administrative functioning of a disciplined hostel life. A balanced ratio between privileges , freedom and restrictions is a unique feature of the hostel system at the college . Special care is taken to ensure that each students . Apart from the regular outing facilities on Saturdays and Sundays , special permission may be given by the Dean of Resident Students in case of extreme necessity .Strict penalty is imposed to those students who defy the rules and regulations of the hostel .

The resident system entails a strict prohibition of ragging which further enables the building up of a sound and cordial relationship between the seniors and the new students.


There is great emphasis on cleanliness in the residents. The availability of daily newspapers in all the three hostels keeps the students attuned to the day to day happening .Each hostels has an attached Drawing room, which is large and well-spaced and has television and other recreational facilities. The Drawing room serves as an excellent center for relaxation and recreation. The residents socials , farewell programmes , dawn party etc. are also held the Drawing room.

There is common Dining room to accommodate the residents s .The Dining room has adequate seating facilities and serves both vegetarian and non –vegetarian food.