President’s Desk


The month of the June brings new students to the college seeking admission. The college prospectus never fails to draw a crowd and the Portals of the college inspire everyone who stands at the gate and looks up at them. The admission lists draw crowds.As few make the merit qualifying list others returns to wait for the next one.

On behalf of the Isabella Thoburn College Society I take this opportunity to welcome every student to another academic year in the college.

We look at you with expectations and with the hope that your tryst with the destiny of this college will be a happy one .We hope that years later when you will look back and turn the pages of your time spent here, you will have pleasant memories of productivity periods of learning. We believe you will carry back relationships which surpass the onslaughts of time and diversities of life.

As each of us walks through the halls we hope we are writing history that we can be proud of and witness many a leader, artist, writer and off course teachers in the making.

All that these Portals seek from us is an appreciation of its loving strokes on the canvas of our life.

The humble beginning of the college reassure every weak and struggling young women that opportunity stands and knocks at her door . It is for her to reach out and change her world.

We wish every students who enters the college Portals success. Reach out for the stars and accomplish the unimaginable!!

Dr.(Mrs.) E.S.Charles


Isabella Thoburn College, Society