Sessional Test

There shall be two compulsory internal (sessional) tests (each of 20 marks and one hour) in theory of each subject during each academic semester. The average performances of these internal (sessional) examinations in a subject shall form the basis of calculating sessional marks for internal theory assessment of 20 marks of each subject.

The student will be allowed to appear in the Theory (Final/External) of a semester exam only upon the satisfactory completion and with not less than 75% of attendance in every concerned subject of the semester.

The internal (sessional) test marks in theory shall be allotted as bellow:

(i) Actual performance in one internal (sessional) examination is of 20 marks
(ii) Day to day Attendance, Assignments, Class Presentations, Conduct, Performance, Library records, Viva, etc. of 10 marks.

Tentative Final Examination Schedule(MBA 2nd Semester-Session 2019-20)

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Tentative Final Examination Schedule(MBA 4th Semester-Session 2019-20)

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