We have an electronic library which is a type of information retrieval system with a focused collection of digital objects that can include text, visual material, audio material, video material, stored as electronic media or other media.

—Computer lab

The Computer labs are typically arranged either in rows, so that every workstation has a similar view of one end of the room to facilitate lectures or presentations.

24 Hours High-speed Internet facility is available .

—Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall is one of the major assets of an institution. Our Seminar hall with a capacity of more than 200, is equipped with LCD Projector and Audio System. The Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for conducting seminars and organize lectures to the students. The LCD projectors provide the student with a better insight to understand the lectures.


—Digital Classrooms

Digital Classroom is a unique solution for knowledge/information transferring and capturing which provides complete teaching and learning solution.


—Language Lab

The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.