American Corner

About The American Corner

The American Corner in the Library of Isabella Thoburn College is a result of the vision and efforts of Dr. (Mrs.) E.S. Charles, President, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow and the representatives of the American Library and the American Embassy. The American Corner was gifted to the college during 125 year celebration. Representing the American side were Ms. Manjeet Kaur and Ms. Chhaya Sharma. Since then two American Ambassadors have visited the corner and appreciated its contribution and the efforts of the college.

This corner (a small and unique library) is a jointly sponsored partnership between the public affairs sections of U.S. Embassies or Consulates and host-country institutions. It provide access to current reliable information about the United States through book collections and the Internet. It provide accurate information about U.S. History, Government and Society.

It was inaugurated on April 23, 2012 at Isabella Thoburn College Library and has been actively functioning since its inauguration. The American Corner in the Library of Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow is the first and only American Corner in Uttar Pradesh from where the e-library of USA can be accessed. The American Corner of Isabella Thoburn College Library was also opened for public from 1st June, 2012 between 04:00 P.M. to 08:00 P.M. for 06 days in a week (Monday to Saturday)
You or your groups are invited to visit at the American Corner and become members of the Library and enroll in the American Corner of Isabella Thoburn College Library.

The American Corner also organizes activities from time to time such as quiz, essay, debate or other competition etc. certificate by the US Embassy winners are awarded.

A programme/presentation about the American Corner at your college/institute can also be arranged.


    • PUBLIC                                      :           04:00 P.M. TO 08:00P.M.
    • STUDENTS (Girls only)          :           09:00 A.M. TO 04:00 P.M..


The membership forms and any other information are available at:

Sarah Chakko Memorial Library

IsabellaThoburn College

7, Faizabad Road,

Lucknow-226 007, U.P.

Tel.: 0522-22321106

Mobile: 09936406104


eLibraryUSA Electronically through the virtual library, billions of books,
journals, CDs/DVDs for each and every group of community/society are available at the American Corner
of Isabella Thoburn College Library. All the information available through e-library of America is available
at the American Corner of Isabella Thoburn College Library. Specific holdings are available for scientists/academicians;
children; housewives; businessmen etc. for accessing the information about the United States including talks on policy issues,
American literature, access to online databases through e-LibraryUSA, and cultural programs.

Activities Organised

  • Outreache to schools/colleges/universities/institute in and around the city of Lucknow to make
    aware about the resources and benefits of the American Corner.
  • Webinars through American Embassy
  • Visit of Ms. Nancy Powell, U.S. Ambassador to India at American Corner, Lucknow
  • Quiz-USA
  • Legal experiences among lawyers – Ms. Patsy from U.S. and Prof. D.N.S. Yadava from India
  • Visit of Ms. G. Samuel Purushuttam
  • Visit of Prof. Mead with a team from American Embassy
  • Visit of students, faculty and principal of JNPG College
  • Visit of Mr. Gunnidhi Dalmia son of Late (Mrs.) Sarswati Dalmia (teacher at I.T. College in 1941)
  • Interactive Programme – “Career at Sea”
  • Orientation Programme for I.T. College students and Library Science Students
  • Visit of Prof. Patrick Mc Namara from JNU
  • Visit of Ms. Neeraja, St. Teresa (A) College, A.P.
  • Movie shows – “The Secret”; “How Does the Brain Work”, “Civil War” etc.
  • Visit of Ms. Emly B. White, Programme Director of American Corner from U.S. Embassy
  • Presentation by Astha Virk Singh, EducationUSA Adviser, USIEF
  • Visit of Mr. Walter Douglas, Minister Foreign Affairs
  • Presentation by Dr. Miloni Gandhi, University of Southern California
  • Visit of U.S. Ambassador Mr. Rahul Richard Verma
  • Interactive Session on “The Earthquake: Response & Management”
  • Interactive Session on “Difficulties in English”


  • Books, videos, audios on various aspects of life and culture of the United States
  • Reference Service
  • Printing & Photocopying
  • Internet facilities
  • LCD to view DVDs/CDs etc

Physical holdings:
International Journals


Sl. No Class Number to Access Title Author Subject Area
1 GRA “Q” is for quarry SUE GRAFTON
2 500 HEN 100 most important science ideas MARK HENDERSON reserchers of science
3 812 TWE 20/20: twenty one-act plays from twenty years of the MICHELE VOLANSKY
4 R 909.82 TWE 20th century day by day ARTHUR M SCHLESINGER
5 BEG About Schmidt LOUIS BEGLEY fiction
6 TYL Accidental tourist ANNE TYLER
7 372.35 BAS Activities for teaching science as inquiry JOEL E. BUSS ET. AL.
8 810.9896073 SME African American roots of modernism JAMES SMETHURST
9 R 709.66 PAT African-American Art SHARON F. PATTON
10 973.0496073 HIN African-American odyssey darlene clark hine
11 973.931 BRI After STEVEN BRILL
12 810.9 GRA After the fall RICHARD GRAY
13 `530.12 GIL Age of entanglement LOUISA GILDER
16 973.928 BUS All the best, George Bush GEORGE BUSH
17 ZEV All these things I’ve done GABRIELLE ZEVIN
18 Amelia Earhart
19 R 629.4 AME America in space NEIL ARMSTRONG geography
20 780 CRA America’s musical life RICHARD CRAWFORD music
21 305.4 COL America’s women GAIL COLLINS women studies
22 759.13 WEI American impressionism and realism H BARBARA WEINBERG
23 R 781.62 AME American roots music ROBERT SANTELLI music
24 973.313 MAI American scripture PAULINE MAIER
25 709.73 HUG American visions ROBERT HUGHES
26 428.64 DAT American ways MARYANNE KERINY DATESMAN
27 973.3 BOB Angle in the whirlwind BENSON BOBRICK
28 STE Angle of repose WALLACE STEGNER
29 591.5 ANI Animal life CHARLITTE UHLENBROEK zoology
30 Animal, vegetable, miracle biology
31 R 779 ADA Ansel Adams JAMES ALINDER
32 301  SMI Anthropology of dummies CAMERON M. SMITH
33 Apothecary
34 Appetite for life
35 Arctic dreams
36 YA PHE Around the world MATT PHELAN geography
37 ARRL operating manual for radio amateurs
38 704.0368 YOR Arte latino JONATBAN YORBA
39 940.5426 PRA At Sawn we slept GORDON W PRANGE
40 551.5 ALL Atmosphere MICHAEL ALLABY geography
41 530 BAL Atom and the apple SEBASTIEN BALIBAR
42 Au revoir crazy European chick
43 Audacity of hope fiction
44 SEB Austerlitz W.G. SEBALD
45 320.54 X Autobiography of Malcolm X ALEX HALEY fiction (biography)
46 TYL Back when we were grownups ANNE TYLER
47 MOS Bad boy Brawly Brown WALTER MOSLEY
49 Bang!
50 973.932 OBA Barack Obama and twenty-first century politics HORACE G CAMPBELL political science
51 973.932 OBA Barack Obama in his own words LISA ROGAK biography
52 973.932 OBA Barack Obama: a biography JOANN F PRICE biography
53 973.932 OBA Barack Obama: the politics of hope WILLIAM MICHAEL DAVIS political science
54 796.357 BAS Baseball as America GEORGE PLIMPTON games
55 HIA Basket case CARL HIAASEN games
56 322.3 BRO Battle ARTHUR C. BROOKS
57 510.92 NAS Beautiful mind SYLVIA NASAR fiction
58 811.54 BES Best American poetry 2011 kevin young poetry
59 811.54 BES Best American poetry, 2000 RITA DOVE poetry
60 973.7115 HAG Beyond the river ANN HAGEDORN
61 363.72 GEO Big necessity ROSE GEORGE
62 YA 323.1196 BRI Black & white LARRY DANE BRIMNER
63 Black wings
64 YA FLA Blackhope enigma TERESA FLAVIN
66 Bloodlines
68 Bluefish
69 Book of the moon
70 338.476636 ROY Bottlemania ELIZEBETH ROYTE
71 306 PUT Bowling alone ROBERT D. PUTNAM
72 R 973.7 GAR Brady’s Civil War WEBB GARRISON
73 CAP Breakfast at Tiffany’s TRUMAN CAPOTE
74 TYL Breathing lessons ANNE TYLER
75 810.9 GRA Brief history of American literature RICHARD GARY history
76 973.318 BER Brilliant solution CAROL BERKIN
77  YA BOO Bronxwood COE BOOTH
78 Bushes
79 Business communication today business
80 428.24 GUF Business English MARY ELEN GUFFEY business
81 346.7307 CLA Business law CLARKSON ET. AL. business
82 Business math for dummies business
83 327.73 CAM Cambridge history of American foreign relations (4 vols.) BRADFORD PERKINS history
84 551.442 HAN Canyons ERIK HANSON
85 577.144 ROS Carbon age ERIC ROSTON science
86 r 540 car Careers in focus
87 MCC Carolina moon JILL MC CORKLE
88 GOL Carter beats the Devil GLEN DAVID GOLD
90 571.6 MOR Cells and cell function SALLY MORGAN biology
92 BRA Chaneysville incident DAVID BRADELY
93 MCD Charming Billy ALICE MC DERMOTT
94 Chasing molecules chemistry
95 Chemistry of space chemistry
96 Chemistry of the environment chemistry
97 540 che Chemistry workbook for dummies peter j mikulecky chemistry
98 MCD Child of my heart ALICE MC DERMOTT fiction
100 973.04951 CHA Chinese in America IRIS CHANG
101 782.42164 DYL Chronicles BOB DYLAN
102 IRV Cider house rules JOHN IRVING
103 781.68 HOR Classical music in America JOSEPH HOROWITZ music
104 Cleopatra’s moon
105 BAN Cloudsplitter RUSSELL BANKS
106 363.73874 VOL Co2 rising TYLER VOLK
107 BYE Coast of good intentions MICHAEL BYERS
108 FRA Cold mountain CHARLES FRAZIER geography
109 355 POW Colin Powell RICHARD STEINS biography
110 PAL Collected stories GRACE PALEY fiction
111 978.02 MCM Colonel and Little Missie LARRY Mc MURTRY
112 WAL Color purple ALICE WALKER
113 327.73 KOR Columbia guide to the Cold War MICHAEL KORT
114 363.325 MFN Combating jihadism BARAK MENDELSOHN
115 305.8 DAN Coming to America ROGER DANIELS geography
116 Communication problem solver
117 Companion to 29th-century America
118 R 810.9975 COM Companion to southern literature d day
119 551.6 DAW Complete guide to climate change BRIAN DAWSON geography
120 Complete novels literature
121 355 RIC Condi ATONIA FELIX
122 STY Confessions of Nat Turner WILLIAM STYRON
123 346.730482 HOF Copyright in cyberspace 2 GRETCHEN MCCORD HOFFMANN
125 Corrections
126 Cosmic imagery
127 Counting t care
128 Crisis of the old order, 1919-1933
130 973.7336 MCP Crossroads of freedom JAMES M McPHERSON
131 Crowded universe
132 327.73 JON Crucible of power HOWARD JONES
133 STE Cryptonomicon NEAL STEPHENSON
134 DEW Dale loves Sophie to death ROBB FERMAN DEW
135 R 576.8 MIL Darwin’s universe RICHARD MILNER
136 ALL Daughter of fortune Isabel Allend fiction
137 TAY Daughter of smoke and bone LAINI TAYLOR fiction
138 Day we found the universe fiction
139 973 DAY Days of destiny JAMES M McPHERSON fiction
140 940.54 AMB D-Day, June 6, 1944 STEPHEN E AMBROSE
141 YA GAN Dead end in Norvelt JACK GANTOS
142 CAT Death comes for the archbishop WILLA CATHER
144 Death from the skies!
145 AGE Death in the family James agee
146 YAGRE Deep zone TIM GREEN
147 325.73 HIN Defining America through immigration policy BILL ONG HING
148 MUK Desirable daughters BHARATI MUKHERJEE fiction
149 812.52 ONE Desire under the elms EUGINE O NEILL
150 LIG Diagnosis ALAN LIGHTMAN biology
151 Diary of a wimpy kid
152 R 332.03 DOW Dictionary of finance and investment terms JOHN DOWNES referencee source
153 303.4833 DOU Digital cultures MILAD DOUEIHI
154 R 567.9 HOL Dinosaurs THOMAS  R HOLTZ zoology
155 781.642 CUS Discovering country music DON CUSIC music
156 577.8 BRI Distribution of species MICHEL BRIGHT biology
157 571.6 SNE Diversity of life ROBERT SNEDDEN biology
158 BUS Don’t tell anyone FREDERICK BUSCH fiction
159 Dragon turn
160 DRA Dragons of silk LAURENCE
161 KIN Dreamcatcher STEPHEN KING
162 Drunkard’s walk
163 006.74 GOO Dynamic HTML DANNY GOODMAN computer science
164 UPD Early stories, 1953-1975 JOHN UPDIKE fiction
165 SHA Easy in the islands BOB SHACOCHIS
166 572.46 MOR Eating the sun OLIVER MORTON
167 POW Echo makers RICHARD POWERS
168 330 NCC Economics MC COLLELL BREU economics
169 338.4791 BUC Ecotourism RALF BUCKLEY economics
170 Edison’s concrete piano
171 Edward Hopper
172 Einstein’s mistakes science
173 Einstein’s telescope science
174 782.42166 PRE Elvis Presley BOBIE ANN MASON
175 814.3 EME Emerson’s essays RALPH WALDO EMERSON
176 CAR Emperor of Ocean Park STEPHEN L. CARTER
177 RUS Empire falls RICHARD RUSSO history
178 HIJ Empress of the splendid season OSCAR HIJUELOS history
179 Encyclopedia of business letters, faxes, and e-mail reference source
180 R 910 ENC Encyclopedia of Earth MICHAEL ALLABY reference source
181 R 363.73874 JOH Encyclopedia of global warming science and technology (2 vols.) BRUCE E. JOHANSEN reference source
182 R 302.234 ENC Encyclopedia of new media STEVE JONES reference source
183 Encyclopedia of stem cell research (2 vols.) reference source
184 Encyclopedia of women’s health reference source
185 551.6 DUM End of the long summer DIANNE DUMANOSKI
186 Energy projects for young scientists science
187 Essential engineer engineering
190 GOD Evensong GAIL GODWIN
191 973 EVE Events that changed America in the eighteenth century JOHN E FINDLING
192 973 EVE Events that changed America in the nineteenth century JOHN E FINDLING
193 973 EVE Events that changed America in the seventeenth century JOHN E FINDLING
194 973 EVE Events that changed America in the twentieth century JOHN E FINDLING
195 398.2 HUR Every tongue got to confess ZORA NEALE HURSTON
196 Everybody sees the ants
197 DEW Evidence against her ROBB FORMAN DEW fiction
198 576.8 EVO Evolution MICHAEL RUSE science
199 599.938 kru Evolution for dummies GREG KRUKONIS
200 CLA Executive orders TOM CLANCY
201 Exploring the moon
203 WIT First descent PAM WITHERS
204 First man
205 Five most important questions you will ever ask about your organization
206 551.6 BRO Fixing climate WALLACE S BROECKER
207 R 796.332 BAR Football America PHIL BARBER games
208 HEM For whom the bell tolls ERNEST HEMINGWAY
209 577.3 PER Forest ecosystems DAVID E PERRY biology
211 324.623 CLI Founding sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment ELEANOR CLIFT
212 IRV Fourth hand JOHN IRVING
213 973 HAK Freedom JOY HAKIM
214 330 SUT Front page economics GERALD D. SUTTLES economics
215 759.13 OKE Georgia O’Keeffe CHARLES C ELDREDGE
216 Ghetto cowboy
217 YA 940.54 SEI Ghosts in the fog SAMANTHA SEIPLE fiction
218 YA CHA Girl’s don’t fly KRISTEN CHANDLER fiction
220 POW Good remains NANI POWER
221 940.5481 BRO Greatest generation TOM BROKAW
222 581.7 RIC Green planet STANLEY A RICH
223 MEL Half in love MAILEY MELOY
224 818.5409 ANG Heart of a woman MAYA ANGELOU
225 577.22 BAR Heatstroke ANTHONY D. BARNOSKY
227 BAS Hermit’s story RICK BASS fiction
228 306.1 LEL Hip, the history JOHN LELAND
229 810.9 GRA History of American literature RICHARD GRAY history
230 R 791.4375 Hollywood DAVID THOMSON
231 791.43651 PER Hollywood science SIDNEY PERKOWITZ
232 591.68 GOO Hope for animals and their world JANE GOODALL zoology
233 Hour before daylight
234 R 796.352 WOO How I play golf TIGER WOODS games
235 ALV How the Garcia girls lost their accents JULIA ALVAREZ
236 ZAR How to save a life SARA ZARR
237 530.12 ORZ How to teach physics to your dog CHAR ORZEL
238 GAV I cannot tell a lie exactly MARY LADD GAVELL
239 LAM I know this much is true WALLY LAMB
240 818.5409 ANG I know why the caged bird sings MAYA ANGELOU
242 YAHAR Ice shock M.G.HARRIS
243 YA 910.9163 MCP Iceberg right ahead STEPHANIE SAMMARTINO MC PHERSON
244 SUM Imaginary girls NOVA REN SUMA
245 304.873 POR Immigrant America ALEJANDRON PORTRAIT
246 Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
248 MEN In Cuba I was a German shepherd ANA MENENDEZ
249 815 INO In our own words SENATOR ROBERT TORRICELLI
250 576.5 SCH In pursuit of the gene JAMES SCHWARTZ
251 LEN In the fall JEFFREY LENT
252 FOR Independence day RICHARD FORD
253 327.73054 SCH India and the United States in the 21st century TERESITA C SCHAFFER
254 LAH Interpreter of maladies JHUMPHA LAHIRI
255 Inventive spirit of African Americans
256 ELL Invisible man RALPH ELLISON
258 293 SMI Islam in America JANE I SMITH
259 James Lovelock
260 599.885 PET Jane Goodall DALE PETERSON
261 R 781 6509 WAR Jazz GEOFFREY C WARD
263 364.1152 STI Jesse James T.J. STILLES
264 JIM Jim the boy TONY EARLEY
265 973.4 ADA John Adams DAVID Mc CULLOUGH
266 R 759.13 SAR John Singer Sargent TREVOR FAIRBROTHER
267 TAN Joy luck Club AMY TAN
268 ELL Juneteenth RALPH ELLISON
270 791.43 HEP Kate remembered A SCOTT BERG
272 796.42 JOY Kind of grace JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE
273 796.83 ALI King of the world DAVID RAMNICK
274 JON Known world EDWARD P. JONES
275 951.9042 KAU Korean conflict BURTON I KAUFMAN
276 MCB Last dance ED MC BAIN
277 333.95 BAR Last flight of the scarlet macaw BRUCE BARCOTT
278 TUR Laws of our fathers SCOTT TUROW
279 UPD Licks of love JOHN UPDIKE
280 Life
281 Long home
282 GAY Lost songs WILLIAM GAY
283 Magnificent desolation
285 HAM Maltese falcon DASHIELL HAMMETT
286 WOL Man in full TOM WOLFE
287 174.4 TRE Managing business ethics LINDA K. TREVINE
288 Mannahatta
289 YA GOW Meaning of life – and other stuff JIMMY GOWNELY
290 523.51 SMI Meteorites CAROLINE SMITH
291 579.342 ZIM Microcosm CARL ZIMMER
292 155.66 HOL Middle passage JAMES HOLLIS
293 MUK Middleman and other stories BHARATI MUKHERJEE
294 Model T
295 GIB Mona Lisa overdrive WILLIAM GIBSON
296 FRA Monk downstairs TIM FARRINGTON
297 Monster calls
298 332.1 MOR Morgan JEANS STROUSE
299 FIC Motherless Brooklyn JONATHAN LETHEM
300 791.43 SKL Movie-made America ROBERT SKLAR
301 ELK Mrs. Ted Bliss STANLEY ELKIN
302 810.9 LEE Multicultural American literature A ROBERT LEE
304 BRO My father, dancing BLISS BROYARD
305 973.929 CLI My life BILL CLINTON
306 YA EDW My name is not easy DEBBY DAHL EDWARDSON
307 973.04 WIL My soul looks back in wonder JUAN WILLIAMS
308 Name of the star
310 R 333.783 DUN National parks DAYTON DUNCAN
311 Negotiating in the press JOSEPH R. HAYDEN
312 Nets, puzzles, and postman
313 TUC New from Paraguay LILY TUCK
314 200 ECK New Religious America DIANA L ECK
315 New York
316 R 974.7 NEW New York September 11 STEVE McCURRY
317 Newton
318 BUS Night inspector FREDERICK BUSCH
319 Nim Chimpsky
320 920 JOH No ordinary lives DAVID JOHNSON
321 STE Of mice and men JOHN STEINBECK
322 SIM Off Keck Road MONA SIMPSON
324 GIB On the occasion of my last afternoon KAYE GIBBONS
325 576.8 DAR On the origin of species DAVID QUAMMEN
326 KER On the road JACK   KEROUAC
327 On the surface of things
328 599.786 ELL On thin ice RICHARD ELLIS
329 One to nine
330 Only grant-writing book you’ll ever need
331 Only ones
332 BOX Open season C.J.BOX
333 323 HEI Open wide the freedom gates DOROTHY HEIGHT
334 791.45 WIN Oprah Winfrey ROBIN WESTEN
335 342.73085 LEV Origins of the Bill of rights LEONARD W LEVY
336 LEG Other wind URSULA K. LE GUIN
337 331.4 COB Other women’s movement DOROTHY SUECOBBLE
338 OFF Out of the woods CHRIS OFFUTT
339 Oxford book of modern science writing
340 Oxford companion to cosmology
341 R 813 OXF Oxford handbook of American literary naturalism KEITH NEWLIN
342 HEI Paco’s story IARRY HEINEMANN
343 GRI Painted house JOHN GRISHAM
344 POR Pale horse pale rider KATHERINE ANNE PORTER
346 DEX Paris Trout PETE DEXTER
347 530 ANA Particle or wave CHARIS ANASTOPOULOS
348 973.0496 BRA Parting the waters TAYLOR BRANCH
349 ENG peace like a river LEIF ENGER
350 973.3 RAP People’s history of the American Revolution RAY RAPHAEL
351 BEA Perfect recall ANN BEATTIE
352 070.5092 GRA Personal history KATHERINE GRAHAM
353 WID Philadelphia fire JOHN EDGAR WIDEMN
354 530 KAK Physics of the impossible MICHIO KAKU
355 323.1196073 KIN Pillar of fire TAYLOR BRANCH
356 HAR Plain songs KENT HARUF
357 MOR Plains song for female voices WRIGHT MORRIS
358 YAGRI Planet Middle school NIKKI GRIMES
360 323.042 POL Politics of democratic inclusion CHRISTNA WOLBRECHT
361 781.64 CAM Popular music in America MICHAEL CAM BELL
362 812.52 MIL Portable Arthur Miller CHRISTOPHER BIGSBY
363 782.4 HAJ Positively 4th street DAVID HAJDU
364 PRO Postcards ANNIE PROULX
365 810.9 HOG Postmodern American literature and its other W. LAWRENCE HOGUE
366 Postwar America
367 Power makers
368 Pregnant pause
369 550 TAR Prentice Hall earth science TARBUCK
370 974.71043 giu Prince of the city FERD SIEGEL
371 R 599.8RED Primate family tree IAN REDMOND
372 158.4 COV Principle-centered leadership Stephen R. Covey
373 Prized
374 YA BRO Queen of hearts MARTHA BROOKS
375 UPD Rabbit at rest JOHN UPDIKE
376 UPD Rabbit is rich JOHN UPDIKE
377 DOC Ragtime E.L.DOCTOROW
378 BEL Ravelstein SAUL BELLOW
379 975.3 WHI Real life at the White House JOHN WHITCOMB
381 810.9 OBO Reconstituting Americans MEGN OBOURN
382 Restless giant
383 TUR Reversible errors SCOTT TUROW
384 Right stuff
385 796.342 HOW Rivals JOHNETTE HOWARD
386 HAR Road home JIM HARRISON
387 811.52 FRO Road not taken LOUIS UNTERMEYER
388 R 917.3 PET Roadside Americana ERIC PETERSON
389 973.73 LEE Robert E. Lee: a biography EMORY M THOMAS
390 Robert Kennedy: his life
391 338.0919 BEL Rocketeers MICHAEL BELFIORE
392 R 781.66 ROL Rolling stone encyclopedia of rock & roll HOLL GEORGE WARREN
393 Ronald Reagan
394 SHT Russian debutante’s handbook GARY SHTEYNGART
395 YA 978 BRO Saga of the Sioux DWIGHT JON ZIMMERMAN
396 553.622 WEL Sand MICHAEL WELLAND
397 CON Saving room for dessert K.C.CONSTANTINE
398 HAW Scarlet letter and other writings NATHANIEL  HAWATHORNE
399 Science
400 Scorpio races
401 TYL Searching for Caleb ANNE TYLER
402 KID Secret life of bees SUE MONK KIDD
403 WID Sent for you yesterday JOHN EDGAR WIDEMAN
405 Shadowing
406 Shattering
408 PRO Shipping news ANNIE PROULX
409 YA CHA Sign of the black SCOTT CHANTLER
410 YAJON Silhouetted by the blue TRACI L.JONES
411 978.004 AND Sitting Bull and the paradox of Lakota nationhood GARY C ANDERSON
412 551.6 LYN Six degrees MARK LYNAS
413 591.513 BOY Smartest animals on the planet SALLY BOYSON
414 578.77 CRA Smithsonian ocean DEBORAH CRAMER
415 Snow falling on cedars DAVID GUTERSON
416 HOU Snow Mountain passage JAMES D. HOUSTON
417 WIL Soldiers in hiding RICHARD WILEY
418 WIL Some things that stay SARAH WILLIS
419 811.3 WHI Song of myself WALY WHITMAN
420 R 306.483 DUN Sport in American culture JOYCE D. DUNCAN
421 FLA Standing in the rainbow FANNIE FLAGG
422 Stardust melodies
423 YAGRI Stay with me PAUL GRIFFIN
424 782.42 FRI Steampunk WILL FRIEDWALD
425 SHI Stone diaries CAROL SHIELDS
426 DOE Stones of Ibarra HARRIET DOERR
427 CHE Stories of John Cheever JOHN CHEEVER
428 363.73874 HAN Storm of my grandchildren JAMES HANSEN
429 973 WEI Story of America ALLEN WEINSTEIN
430 973.0495 TAK Strangers from a different shore RONALD TAKAKI
431 Success through failure
432 539.764 se Sun in a bottle charles seife
433 BUR Sunset limited JAMES LEE BURKE
434 WHI Supernaturally KIERSTEN WHITE
435 595.7 HOL Superorganism BERT HOLLDOBLER
436 R 629.46 GOR Superstructures in space MICHAEL H GORN
437 R 335.9516 SUS Sustaining life EDWARD O. WILSON
439 363.325 PER Talking to terrorists MARK PERRY
440 Tanglewook terror
442 320.52 PAU Tea Party goes to Washington RAND PAUL
443 Telephone gambit
444 Ten most beautiful experiments
445 363.34 DEV The end MARQ DE VILLIERS
446 Theodore Rex
448 GOL Things we do to make it home BEVERLY GOLOGORSKY
449 This will change everything
450 973.46 JEF Thomas Jefferson DUMAS MALONE
451 SMI Thousand acres JANE SMILEY
452 599.5 ROT Thousand mile song (with CD) DAVID ROTHENBERG
453 GLA Three Junes JULIA GLASS
454 Three steps to the universe
457 338.7 ROC Titan RON CHERNOW
458 523.9 LOR Titan unveiled RALPH LORENZ
459 R 704.0396073 POW To conserve a legacy RICHARD J POWELL
460 LEE To kill a mocking bird HARPER LEE
462 HAZ Transit of Venus SHIRLEY HAZZARD
463 YA 363.11 ARO Trapped MARCK ARONSON
464 582.16 ROD Trees TONY RODD
465 577.3 MAS Trees, truffles, and beasts CHRIS MASER
466 Truman
468 333.956 ELL Tuna RICHARD ELLIS
469 818.409 TWA Twain in his own time GARY SCHARNHORST
470 342.73082 BRA U.S. immigration made easy LLONA BRAY
471 794.8 KEN Ultimate history of video games STEVEN L KENT
472 Underdogs
473 Unfinished life
474 POI Unsung heroes MARK JUDE POIRIER
475 Virtuosity
476 R 779 WHI Visions from America SYLAVIA WOLF
477 811.52 WIL Visiting Dr. Williams SHEILA COGHILL
478 Voices from the moon
479 304.8 BAI Voyagers to the West BERNARD BAILYN
480 973.0496073 DUB W.E.B. DuBois – - biography of race, 1868-1919 DAVID LEVERING LEWIS
481 973.0496073 DUB W.E.B. DuBois—the fight for equality and the American century, 1919-1963 DAVID LEVERING LEWIS
482 JIN Waiting HA JIN
483 328.73 LEW Walking with the wind JHON LEWIS
484 811.09 WHI Walt Whitman JUSTIN KAPLAN
485 327.73 KIT War and destiny JAMES KITFIELD
486 327.73 HAL War in the time of peace DAVID HALVERSTAM
487 810.93555 GIL War on words MICHAEL T GILMORE
488 JIN War trash HA JIN
489 973.41 CHE Washington RON CHERNOW
490 S Watch that ends the night ALLAN WOLF
491 553.7 SOL Water STEVEN SOLOMON
492 973.0497 IVE We are still here PETER IVERSON
493 OAT We were the Mulvaneys JOYCE CAROL OATES
494 GAU Welding with children TIM GAUTREAUX
495 577.68 MOO Wetlands PETER D MOORE
496 What is a number?
497 R 917.5304 MON White House BETTY C MONKMAN
498 304.2 BRA Whole earth discipline STEWART BRAND
499 306 ZUN Why the American century? OLIVIER ZUNZ
500 YA HAN Why we broke up DANIEL HANDLER
502 Wilderness warrior
503 WAL Winter wheat MILDRED WALKER
504 YA 133.4 SCH Witches! ROSALYN SCHANZER
505 YA COA Witchlander LENA COAKLEY
506 Without tess
507 973 WIT Witness to America DOUGLAS BRINKLEY
508 NAY Women of Brewster Place GLORIA NAYLOR
509 Wonderstruck
510 784.4 GUT Woody Guthrie: a life JOE KLEIN
511 IRV World according to Garp JOHN IRVING
512 551.46 EAR World is blue SYLVIA A EAR LE
513 551.312 POL World without ice HENRY POLLACK
514 304.2 WEI World without us ALAN WEISMAN
515 World’s fair E.L.DOCTOROW
516 629.13 WRI Wright brothers and the invention of the aerial age TOM D CROUCH
517 BAH Year of Jubilo HOWARD BAHR
518 Year of Lyndon Johnson
519 Years of Lyndon Johnson
520 YA DOW You against me JENNY DOWNHAM
521 You are here
522 303.4833 LAN You are not a gadget JARON LANIER
523 796.342  MCE You cannot be serious JOHN MC ENROE
524 Your inner fish
525 HEN 100 Selected stories
526 974.7 DWY 102 Minutes
527 R 070.5 TWO 2012 Poet’s market
528 150 COV 7 Habits of highly effective people
529 979.404 BRA Age of gold
530 973.5 JAC Age of jackson
531 509 HOL Age of wonder
532 R 720 CAR All american BRIAN CARTER
533 WAR All the king’s men
534 MCC All the pretty horses
535 SMI All true travels and adventures of Lidie Newton
536 613 OCO Always follow the elephants
537 CHA Amazing adventures of Kavalier & clay
538 R 709.73 CRA American art WAYANE CRAVEN HISTORY
539 R 709.04 JOS American art since 1945 DAVID JOSELIT
540 355 MAC American caesar
541 371 HOC American dream in the public schools
542 327.73 MCC American foreign policy and process
543 780.973 GAN American music in the twentieth century KYLE GANN
544 297 HAS American Muslims
545 ROT American pastoral
546 WES American pie
547 973.3 WOO American revolution
548 ROL American son
549 973.46 JEF American sphinx
550 R 709 WHI American visionaries WHITNEY
551 978 HIN American West
552 973 CHA And the crooked places made straight
553 808.51 ESE Art of public speaking
554 523.44 AST Asteroids (DVD)
555 MCE Atonement
556 WOL Barracks thief
557 R 796.357 WAR Baseball
558 973.73 MCP Battle cry of freedom
559 LEO Be  cool
560 323 KIN Bearing the cross
561 599.88 BEA Beautiful minds
562 GOL Bee season
563 PAT Bel canto
564 PLA Bell jar
565 MOR Beloved
566 810.8 BEL Beloved Harlem
567 973.3 FRA Benjamin Franklin
568 814.008 BES Best American essays 2011
569 BES Best American short stories 2011
570 973.922 HAL Best and the brightest
571 811 FEL Best loved poems of the American people
572 616 GAW Better
573 539 BEY Beyond extreme physics
574 611.8 BAI Beyond the zonules of zinn
575 MCB Big bad city
576 333.72 MCK Bill Mckibben reader
577 R 016.78242 WHI Billboard book of top 40 hits
578 DOC Billy Bathgate
579 572 MOO Biochemistry for dummies
580 333.9516 BOL Biodiversity
581 R 509.22 BIO Biographical encyclopedia of scientist
582 812.54 WAL Birdy
583 530.12 HAW Black hole war
584 810.9896 SPI Black,white,and in color
585 MOR Bluest eye
586 539.7 BOH Bohr’s model of the atom(DVD)
587 COO Boston
588 595.7 BUG Bugs!(DVD)
589 720 BUI Building big (set of 5 DVDs)
590 658.406 EME Change book TRICIA EMERSON
591 551.6 SCH Climate change
592 523.8874  MCN Clocks in the sky
593 GIL Collected stories
594 378.73 COL College board international
595 student handbook ,2012
596 378 COL College handbook ,2012
597 973.917 SCH Coming of the new deal ,1933-35
598 520 DEP Complete idiot’s guide to
599 astronomy (with CD)
600 547 GUC Complete idiot’s guide to organic chemistry
601 512 SZC Complete idiot’s guide to pre-algebra
602 378.1734 FOR Computer as an educational tools
603 R 810.9896 CON Concise Oxford companion to African American Literature
604 TOO Confedracy of dunces
605 363.7 PAS Cool careers for girls as environmentalists
606 781.642 MAL Country music ,USA BILLC. MALONE
607 320.973 WOO Creation of the American Republic,1776-87
608 418.0071  RIC Curriculum development in language teaching
609 364.66 BED Debating the death penalty
610 346.730482  RIM Digital copyright  and the consumer revolution
611 973.932 OBA Dreams from my father
612 530 EIN Einstein
613 973.921 EIS Eisenhower
614 814.3 EMR Emerson’s prose and poetry
615 428.24 WOO English grammer workbook for dummies
616 428.24 ENG English language teaching materials
617 VOL Europe central
618 MOH Farm she was
619 394.1 SHE Fast food nation
620 HAM Fever season
621 MCC Final vinyl days and other stories
622 658.15 BRI Financial Management BRGHAM EHRHARDT COMMERCE
623 364.2  NAT Firearms and violence
624 R 612 WAL Firefly guide to humanbody
625 973.929 CLI First in his class
626 629.454 HAR First men on the moon
627  158.1 cov First things first
628 R 378.73 FIS Fiske guide to colleges ,2011
629 813.52 BER Fitzgerald ,Hemingway and the
630 Twenties
631 KEN Flaming corsage
632 551.6 FAR Forecast
633 LUR Foreign affairs
634 978 UDA Forgotten founders
635 973 KEN Freedom from fear
636 FLA Fried green tomatoes at the
637 whistle stop café
638 GAD Frolic of his own
639 974.71 FON From Ellis Island to JFK
640 901 KLE From history to theory
641 398.2 FRO From my people
642 638 JAC Fruitless fall
643 302.23 FUT Future media
644 179.3 FUT Future of animal forming
645 POW Gain
646 324.973 HEI Game change
647 HAR Gates of the Alamo
648 510 TAT Geekspeak
649 973.049 BER Generations of captivity
650 576.5 ROB Genetics for dummies
651 ELK George Mills
652 LEE Gesture life
653 378.3 GET Getting financial aid ,2011
654 973.7349 SEA Gettysburg
655 BAL Go tell it on the mountain
656 791.43 GOL Goldwyn A SCOTT BERG
657 BUT Good scent from a strange mountain
658 004 HOP Grace Hopper and the invention of the information age
659 KUR Grand complication
660 973.8 GRA Grant
661 HAZ Great fire
662 791.4375 EBE Great movies III ROGER EBERAT
663 519.5 WEI Guesstimation
664 MCC Heart is a lonely hunter
665 813.4 JAM Henry James and the supernatural
666 782.421649 GEO Hip hop America NELSON GEORGE
667 781.6509 GIO History of jazz TED GIOIA
668 363.73874 WAL Hot topic
669 TNE Hotel Honolulu
670 HAW House of the seven gables
671 659.45 WOO How Apollo flew to the moon W. DAVID WOODS
672 R 004.16 WHI How computers work
673 610 GRO How doctors think
674 ABI How German is it
675 153.83 LEH How we decide
676 COL Huckleberry finn
677 R 361.614 HUM Human Rights Watch world report,2011
678 418.00285 DVD Internet and the language classroom
679 796.62 ARM It’s not about the bike
680 641.5973 ROM Joy of cooking
681 509 JOY Joy of science
682 782.42166 PRE Last train to Memphis PETER GURALNICK
683 347.732634 OCO Lazy B
684 658.4 KOU Leadership challenge
685 973.3 FER Leap in the dark
686 418.007 LEA Learning strategies handbook
687 GAI Lessons before dying
688 658.4092 NEF Lessons from the top THOMAS J.NEFF
689 973.561 JAC Life of Andrew Jackson
690 FAU Light in August
691 973.7 LIN Lincoln
692 973.7 LIN Lincoln in his own times
693 629.13 LIN Lindbergh
694 973.929 CLI Living history
695 973.92 LAN Living in the U.S.A.
696 333.72 BEG Living like ED
697 158.1 COV Living the 7 habits
698 813.52 WOL Look homeward
699 SLO Lost lake
700 ERD Love medicine
701 MUN Love of a good woman
702 HIJ Mambo kings play songs of love
703 658 WOL Managing a nonprofit organization in the twenty-first century THOMAS WOLF
704 658 DRU Managing the nonprofit organization PETER  F. DRUCKER
705 306.362 BER Many thousands gone
706 DEL Mao II
707 DOC March
708 BRA Martian chronicles
709 MIL Martin Dressler
711 791.4375 SCH Matinee Idylls
712 RUS Matling
713 597.96 JAC Mean and lowly things
714 973.932 OBA Michelle Obama
715 EUG Middlesex
716 DIV Mirror of fire and dreaming
717 973.9092 GOU Modern American presidency
718 R 629.4 GOR NASA
719 WRI Native son
720 R 970.00497 NAT Native universe
721 812 NEW New one-act plays for acting students
722 PEN PEN/O. Henry Prize stories,2011
723 R 378.73 PET Peterson’s 4 year colleges,2012
724 796.323 JOR Playing for keeps
725 320.6 GIR Politics after hope
726 R 923.2873 POL Politics in America ,2012
727 813.54 DAM Post literary America
728 973.92 GRE Presidential difference
729 530 SAD Questioning the universe
730 R 553.8 BON Rock and gem
731 629.454 NEL Rocket men
732 PAI Scar Vegas
733 370 SCH School,the story of American public education
734 333.7 SCI Science magazine’s state of the planet,2008-2009
735 798.4 HIL Seabiscuit
736 OLS Seaview
737 418.0071 FLO Second language listening
738 814.3 EME Self-reliance
739 363.7384 CAR Silent spring
740 305.42 SIS Sisterhood is forever
741 ROB Skinny legs and all
742 658.022 LON Small business management(with CD)
743 818.54 ANG Song flung up to heaven
744 780.2854 ALD Sonic boom JOHN ALDERMAN
745 STY Sophie’s choice
746 CAS Spartina
747 WIL Spin
748 523.8 REY Stars
749 333.9516 STA State of the wild,2008-09(with CD)
750 TAY Summons to Memphis
751 781.644 GUR Sweet soul music PETER GURALNICK
752 OAI Tattooed girl
753 SMI Thousand acres
754 973.3 BAI To begin the world anew
755 AND Turn of the century
756 JEN Typical American
757 327.73 SCH U.S. diplomacy since 1900
758 PAL Unburied
759 641.5973 DAM United States cookbook
760 327.2 FEI United States in the new Asia
761 SHI Unless
762 GIL Victory over Japan
763 959.7043 KAR Vietnam ,a history
764 811.508 VOI Voice that is great within us
765 612 HOL Well-dressed ape
766 R 978 WAR West
767 304.28 JEN What we leave behind
768 973 ASI What’s up America
769 DEL White noise
770 720 KAM Why architecture matters BLAIR KAMIN
771 576.8 COY Why evolution is true
772 R 590 SMI Why the cheetah cheats
773 THO Wide blue yonder
774 R 978.02 STE Winning the wild west
775 NAY Women of Brewester place
776 R 361.614 HUM World report,2011
777 808.02 MCQ Writer in the library
778 YEA Year’s best science fiction
779 RAW Yearling
780 YA WIL Alchemy of forever
781 YA 796.357 ROD Alex rodriguez
782 YA JOH Amazing adventures of john smith,jr.,aka houdini
783 YA 362.4 LAM Annie sullivan and the trials of helen keller
784 YA SAU Beswitched
785 YA FLI Bewitching
786 YA 553.28 MAR Black gold
787 YA 971.6 WAL Blizzard of glass
788 YA ELL Butterfly clues
789 YA WAL Crowfield demon
790 YA KAN Darlings in love
791 YA MCM Dead to you
792 YA PRI Desert angel
793 YA GRE Fault in our stars
794 YA 796.357 ROB Flip flop fly ball
795 YA SMI Fugitives
796 YA OCE Hades
797 YA 940.5318 WAL His name was raoul wallenberg
798 YA LAK In dararkness
799 YA SYL  Neil flambe and the marco polo murders
800 YA DAV Outlow
801 YA MUL Seeds of rebellion
802 YA HAW Spell bound
803 YA 338.761 JOB Steve jobs
804 YA 306.362 NOR Stolen into slavery
805 YA WEA Survivors
806 YA MAR Unison spark
807 YA AND Zombie Mommy


1 DVD OCE 4 film favorites STEVEN SODERBERGH
2 DVD 536.56 ABS Absolute zero DAVID DUGAN
3 DVD 323.1196 AME American experience: Freedom riders STANLET NELSON
5 629.454 APO Apollo 13: to the edge and back NOEL BUCKNER
6 DVD BEA Beautiful mind RUSSELL CROWE
7 668.423 BLU Blue vinyl JUDITH HELFAND
8 973.7 CIV Civil war (set of 6 DVDs) KEN BURNS
10 745 CRA Craft in America CAROL SAUVION
11 DVD 113 CRE Creation of the universe BRIAN ENO
12 622.3382 CRU Crude awakening BASIL GELPKE
13 DVD 577.7 DEE Deep sea HOWARD HALL
14 621.45 ENE E2: energy TAD FETIG
15 DVD 530.11 EIN Einstein revealed GARY JOHNSTONE
16 DVD 530 EIN Einstein’s big idea PETER JONES
17 DVD 539.7258 ELE Elegant universe JOSEPH MCMASTER
18 DVD 540 JUL Forgotten genius PERCY JULIAN
19 DVD 577.52 GAL Galapagos PATRICK MORRIS
20 DVD 520 GAL Galileo’s battle for the heaven DAVA SOBEL
22 DVD 597.177 GEO Georgia Aquarium MICHAEL BRITT
23 612.82 HOW How does the brain work? TERRI RANDALL
24 DVD 591.513 HOW How Smart are animals? JOSHUA SEFTEL
25 DVD  522.2919 HUB Hubble TONI  MYERS
26 599.536 HUM Humans of the sea KEN BALCOMB
27 DVD 551.21 INT In the path of a killer volcano ROB WHITLESEY
28 597.33 ISL Island of the great white shark RICHARD THEISS
29 6.9.34 KID Kid guides MATT and BRITTNEY
30 DVD 551.22 KIL Killer quake! ROBERT DEAN
31 597.6798 KIN Kingdom of the seahorse SUSAN KOPMAN
32 DVD 576 LIF Life after people VINCENT  LOPEZ
33 973 NAT National parks (Set of 6 DVDs) KEN BURNS
34 612.68 NOV Nova scienceNOW: Can we live forever? VINCENT LIOTA
36 DVD 33.7915 POW Power surge DOUG HAMILTON
37 599.53 PRI Private lives of dolphins MARK DAVIS
38 DVD 363.41 PRO Prohibition KEN BURNS
39 629.4 RIG Right stuff IRWIN WINKLER
40 DVD 523.43 ROV Roving Mars GEORGE BUTLER
41 DVD 333.792 SAV Saved by the sun STEVEN LANTHAM
42 DVD 372 SCH Schoolhouse rock! DISNEP
43 DVD 577.82 SEC Secret of life on Earth CHRISTOPHER PARSONS
44 DVD 522 SEE Seeing in the dark TIMOTHY FERRIS
45 DVD  155.9 STR Stress JOHN HEMINWAY
46 DVD 551.42 TRE Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef TIN DALTON
47 DVD 578.77 VIS Visions of the sea A L GIDDINGS
48 770.92 WAS Waste land LUCY WALKER
49 DVD 363.349 WAV Wave that shook the world LARA ACASTER
50 DVD 576.83  NOV Where did we come from? JOSHUA  SEFTEL
51 629.13 WRI Wright brothers’ flying machine DAVID AXELROD
52 DVD 720 BUI Big domes TOM LEVENSON
53 DVD 720 BUI Big tunnels EUGINEVINK
54 DVD 523.44 AST Asteroids :deadly impact NINA PARMEE
55 DVD 591.7 Who lives in the sea ANNIE CRAWLEY
58 DVD 539.7 BOH Bohr’s model  of the Atom VEA
59 DVD 551.552 HUR Hurricane Katerina’05
60 DVD 570 COR Core Biology :plant Sciences (set of 4DVD’S) RON MEYER
61 DVD 509 JOY Joy of science (set of 5 DVD’S) ROBERT M.HAZEN
62 DVD 595.7 BUG BUGS:a rainforest adventure MIKE SLEE
63 DVD 327.1747 COU Countdown to zero LAWERENCE BENDER
64 DVD 620.5 TIN Tiny machine RICHARD FEYNMAN
65 DVD 571.435 GRA Gravity waves:Einstein’s messengers
66 DVD 363.70525 NOI No impact man LAURA GABBERT JUSTIL SCHEIN
67 DVD 636.89 TIG Tiger next door CAMILLA CALAMANDREI
68 DVD720 BUI Building(SET OF 5  dvd’S) DAVID MACAULAY
69 DVD 612.68 NOV Can we Live Forever ELIZABETH ARLEDGE
70 DVD 629.454 INT IN the shadow of the moon DAVID SINGTON
71 DVD 551.312 GLA Glaciers and ice caps :THE MELTING RON MEYER


  • Internet Facilities – WiFi
  • Billions of e-Books and e-Journals, CDs/DVDs  available in the  e-library of  America can be accessed from the American Corner at Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow
  • The databases of different taste can also be accessed from the American Corner.  These are as under:
  • Encyclopedia and Reference: Basic introduction to 75,000 different topics- articles,maps,news and statistics.
  • Britannica for Kids:: Perfect for younger students includes thousands of images,videos,animated,timelines,encyclopedia articles.Also has learning activities for English and arts,math,science and social studies.
  • Galevirtual Reference Library:  Information about health, art,history, law, women’s issues, religion ,universities and much more.
  • A-Z  Guide to e-Library U.S. Journals: Complete list of journals that can be searched using elibrary search box.
  • Academic One File: Provides access to over 42 million journal articles going back to 1980.focuses on the subjects of physical sciences, technology, medicine ,social sciences, arts, theology and literature.
  • Book Flix:  For early readers, reluctant readers and English language learners.A collections of 95 fictional video story books from Weston woods with non fiction ebooks from scholastic including 25 Spanish language versions.
  • Business Source  Premier: Business research database providing full text for more than 2,300 journals, including full text for more than 1,100 peer reviewed title.back to 1886 and searchable cited references back to 1998.
  • CQ Global Researcher:  Reports covering the most current and controversial global issues of the day from 1923 to the present.
  • CQ Research Online: Reports covering current and controversial issues in the United States from 1923 to the present.
  • Ebrary (includes e-Libro and e-Livro):  Full text collection of over 20,000 books in English and 35,000 books in Spanish and Portuguese- sociology, psychology, history, political science, medicines languages and literature, philosophy & religion, education, business, hard sciences and more.
  • English Language Lerner: This multi-purpose information resource is designed for middle/high school students and those that are new to the English language. The ELL Reference Center provides English language learners with guidance on conducting research, building their background knowledge, and developing their study skills.
  • European Views of the Americas:: 1493 to 1750: Provides bibliographic content of more than 32,000 printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750.
  • Filmakers Library Online: Contains over 1,000 full documentaries and adding over 100 titles per year. Gathering films from American independents as well as filmmakers from all over the world, this multidisciplinary collection includes documentaries on a variety of topics form race and gender studies, human rights, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, health, current events, literature, and more. Because this is a resource with videos, it may run slowly in areas with low bandwidth
  • Fuente Academica: Fuentes Academic offers more than 450 scholarly journals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. All major subject areas are covered with particular emphasis on agriculture, biological sciences, economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, psychology, public administration, religion and sociology.
  • Gale Directory Library: The Gale Directory Library hosts a variety of directory products. Multiple directories can be cross-searched or users can mine individual directories for the particular kinds of data they contain, such as financial information for companies, circulation figures for publications, and much more.
  • Gale Science in Context:  Gale Science in Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on hundreds of today’s most significant science topics.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library : Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of   encyclopedias  you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7.
  • General Onefile:  Contains full text of over 7,800 titles going back to 1980. GeneralOneFile includes an archive of New York Times going back to 1985, as well as over 500 travel guides from Fodor’s and other publishers.
  • Global Issues in Context:  Global Issues in Context offers international viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events. Featured are hundreds of continuously updated issue and country portals that bring together a variety of specially selected, highly relevant sources for analysis of social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues.
  • Greenfile:  Info Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. The database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 612,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 9,100 records. Orations covering all aspects of human impact to the environment.
  • Greenr: Topic, organization, and country portals form research centers around issues covering energy systems, health care, agriculture, climate change, population, and economic development.
  • Grolier Online :  A collection of nonfiction content targeted for ages 7 and up. The collection includes over 120,000 articles from general reference encyclopedias like New Book of Knowledge, science intensive encyclopedias like New Book of Popular Science, social studies encyclopedias like Lands and Peoples, and La Nueva Encyclopedia Cumbers, a comprehensive encyclopedia for Spanish speakers.
  • HIV Rap : Offers a multimedia guide to HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Includes information on HIV testing and dealing with the realities of living with HIV and AIDS.
  • IIP Books : IIP’s collection of publications about U.S. society, culture, and policies.
  • Library, Information Science & Technology :  This resource indexes more than 600 core journals, nearly 50 priority journals, plus books, research reports and proceedings. Subject coverage includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, online information retrieval, information management and more. Coverage in the database extends back as far as the mid-1960s.
  • Literature Resource Centre:  Literature Resource Center is a comprehensive database on literary topics, authors, and their works. Includes full-text scholarly articles from more than 360 academic journals and literary magazines, full text of thousands of poems and short stories published in contemporary journals and magazines, and book reviews and biographical essays.
  • Litfinder :  Lit Finder is a repository of full-text literary works, including around 150,000 poems, short stories, plays and speeches.
  • Middle Search Plus :  Provides full-text content to more than 140 popular middle school magazines such as National Geographic Kids, Agora, Chez Nouz and many more. Also provides access to primary source documents, biographies, reference books, country fact sheets and thousands of relevant photos, maps and flags. This resource is designed for middle school students and their educators.
  • Powerkids Life Science:  Provides over 400 articles on life sciences geared to science learners in grades 3 to 6 and their teachers. Additional content includes videos, interactive games and quizzes, hands-on science experiments and lesson plans. Science topics include animals, plants, the human body, food chains and food webs and more.
  • Regional Business News:  Regional Business News incorporates coverage of more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States
  • Teacher Reference Center::  An indexing resource for educators and librarians, a collection of over 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books. Records include topics such as Assessment, Continuing Education, Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, and more.
  • Teen Health and Wellness :  Provides teenagers and preteens with straightforward information about such topics as diseases, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, mental health, personal finances and more.
  • Truflix : Students can watch an introductory video on a topic then explore the topic further by reading through the flipbook and working through activities, quizzes and web links. Subject areas included are people, places, history, science and nature. For educators, there are project ideas and lesson plans.


The membership of the American Corner as well as the membership to access resources of eLibrary USA through American Library (U.S. Embassy) is completely free. The membership forms and any other information are available at:
Sarah Chakko Memorial Library

IsabellaThoburn College

7, Faizabad Road,

Lucknow-226 007, U.P.

Tel.: 0522-22321106

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