About The American Corner

The American Corner in the Library of Isabella Thoburn College is a result of the vision and efforts of Dr. (Mrs.) E.S. Charles, President, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow and the representatives of the American Library and the American Embassy. The American Corner was gifted to the college during 125 year celebration. Representing the American side were Ms. Manjeet Kaur and Ms. Chhaya Sharma. Since then two American Ambassadors have visited the corner and appreciated its contribution and the efforts of the college.

This corner (a small and unique library) is a jointly sponsored partnership between the public affairs sections of U.S. Embassies or Consulates and host-country institutions. It provide access to current reliable information about the United States through book collections and the Internet. It provide accurate information about U.S. History, Government and Society.

It was inaugurated on April 23, 2012 at Isabella Thoburn College Library and has been actively functioning since its inauguration. The American Corner in the Library of Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow is the first and only American Corner in Uttar Pradesh from where the e-library of USA can be accessed. The American Corner of Isabella Thoburn College Library was also opened for public from 1st June, 2012 between 04:00 P.M. to 08:00 P.M. for 06 days in a week (Monday to Saturday)
You or your groups are invited to visit at the American Corner and become members of the Library and enroll in the American Corner of Isabella Thoburn College Library.

The American Corner also organizes activities from time to time such as quiz, essay, debate or other competition etc. certificate by the US Embassy winners are awarded.

A programme/presentation about the American Corner at your college/institute can also be arranged.


    • PUBLIC                                      :           04:00 P.M. TO 08:00P.M.
    • STUDENTS (Girls only)          :           09:00 A.M. TO 04:00 P.M..


The membership forms and any other information are available at:

Sarah Chakko Memorial Library

IsabellaThoburn College

7, Faizabad Road,

Lucknow-226 007, U.P.

Tel.: 0522-22321106

Mobile: 09936406104